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  • 5 MUST DO’S

    5 MUST DO’S

    WHEN PREPPING YOUR SHOW HOUSE There are many things you could do to a house to make it look warm and inviting but a house on the market without the following must do’s will create a bad first impression on your client relationships. That’s why I have put together this 5 must do’s when you…

  • No Banner? No Shirt!

    No Banner? No Shirt!

    How to setup your LinkedIn Panoramic Banner the right way. Are you connecting with important clients and still don’t have a banner image? In this article I’ll be going over the importance of setting up a banner, doing it correctly and why it is so important. Without a banner image is like going to an…

  • How to manage your social media

    How to manage your social media

    As a photographer I create images for clients for their online social media and also for printing purposes. Of that a total of 70% if not all of these images go onto social media. I run a photography business which means I use Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. For the moment I have just been focussing…

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