There are many things you could do to a house to make it look warm and inviting but a house on the market without the following must do’s will create a bad first impression on your client relationships. That’s why I have put together this 5 must do’s when you are prepping your show house.

First impressions

1. First impressions matter most.

Ensure the entrance of the home is open and inviting by hanging up an easy-to-read house number, making sure the doormat is clean and arranging some potted plants or blooms on the porch. Easily enhance the value of the house by prepping up that front door with paint and a new shiny handle.

A clean and shiny entrance hall to set the tone.

Interiors – declutter

2. Clean, sanitise and declutter.

This is a no-brainer home staging idea. Nothing puts off potential tenants and buyers more than bad smells, dust, mess and clutter. Don’t forget to throw out the garbage too.

Toiletries are packed away. Out of sight, out of mind.

Smells for aroma

3. Use candles, fragrance diffusers, flowers and soaps

Use candles and fragrances to make the property smell clean and fresh. Be sure to keep the smell light and neutral so that it doesn’t overwhelm potential buyers and tenants.

Fresh flowers on dining table to smell clean and fresh.

Personal items

4. Remove all personal items

Remove all personal items from the property like family photos, personal trinkets and memorabilia. Normally the bathrooms are filled with millions of products and toiletries. This depersonalises the space and allows potential tenants and buyers to visualise their lives there.

No personal items or photo’s lying around.


5. Tidy up the exterior of the home

By mowing the lawn, pruning the garden, giving the fence a new lick of paint and pressure spraying any hard surfaces will boost the property’s kerb appeal and ensure a good first impression. 

Lawn is mowed and tidy.
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Marguerite Photography

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