We bring you professional services with over 10 years of photography and clientele experience.


There is a high demand for more professional quality images in the property industry


If you can’t imagine anything worse than having your portrait taken, it’s most probably because you’ve never had a good one taken!

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    Marguerite Photography guarantees high-resolution, high-quality work and professional services.
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    The No.1 question people ask me when they find out i’m a photographer is “What gear do you use”? I actually use both Canon and Nikon, depending on what i feel will get the job done better.
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    With 11 years of experience in the photography business and having the right equipment for what I do is exactly why you should be hiring me.

We specialise in events and portiats simply because we have a passion for people and want to help create long-lasting memories for their special day or event.

I also like the technical challenge with property photography.