Sell your house before the day of viewing!

There is a high demand for more professional quality images in the property industry – especially when you have potential buyers from all over the world viewing the images.

Professional images of your property give the viewer a chance to experience your home before they’ve ever stepped foot on the premises. This gives you a real marketing opportunity to showcase the best features of your property, get people to your door, and reduce the time your property is for sale.

Here is a guideline for making the most of your property and getting the best results for images:


Interior property photography

It is important to have a clean, clear, and well-lit room so ensure it is tidy and that all the lights work. Clutter and personal items need to be put away. Open blinds and curtains. Bins are unsightly and not everyone loves pets so hide away the pet food bowls and beds. Where possible, put wires out of sight and if need be, unplug appliances and hide the cables.


Exterior property photography

Make sure the lawn is mowed and the pool is open and clean. The garage is a good place to hide wheelie bins and hide cars.