“It’s not about what you do but how you do it.”


Although I like a challenge, physical challenge, the challenge that didn’t resignate with me so well was to write ‘about me.’


After a lot of trial and error I think I found some things to say;
As much as I love food I do love getting into the word.
I love my two dogs and my husband very much.


When I am big and have enough money I would love to do rally racing!


I would love to have a big enough venue/studio where I can cook and care for people.
I don’t want to admit it but I believe I can be a real big nerd when it comes to technology and fast cars.


I love to sing and dance.


Lastly I am an open minded woman and I love to listen to people and their stories.But at the same time I can stand strong in what I believe.


I am learning to write.


I would love to keep taking photos until the day I die because with every photo I take it reminds me of the present moment and it reminds me that I must enjoy this now and must take on the challenges that it brings and do so with a good kind heart.

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